Chicago Top Dog Breeder: German Shepherds & French Bulldogs Puppies For Sale

Two of the most popular dog breeds in the world are for sale by one of the top breeders in Chicago Illinois.

CHICAGO, Illinois, January 16, 2020 — As an established, award-winning Chicago-area breeder and trainer of West German Showline German Shepherds (GSDs), Natalya Babenko, owner and operator of Vom Ragnar German Shepherds, has a unique perspective on one of the most popular canine breeds in the world. The GSD’s intelligence, which is second-to-none among their canine peers, coupled with their beauty, athleticism, loyalty, and bravery has permanently placed this exceptional breed at the top of the AKC’s annual breed popularity rankings 2nd most popular year after year.

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Now a relatively new breed of canine companions, the French Bulldog has been racing to the top 4th of the popularity polls in recent years and thanks to the overwhelming success of their German Shepherd breeding and training business, Babenko has recently opened a new line of Vom Ragnar Frenchies focusing on a breed of canines that could not be more different from her precious GSDs – French Bulldogs.

On the surface, these two breeds could not be more disparate. But, as a licensed veterinarian, as well as an expert on both of these incredible animals, Babenko knows there is more to both breeds than meets the eye. “Both breeds make exceptional companions,” Babenko says. “While the German Shepherd is often recognized exclusively as a service or security animal, most GSDs have a very calm and affectionate personality that makes them the perfect family pets.

Of course, one only has to look at a French Bulldog to instantly recognize their adorable and loving nature.” She acknowledges the German Shepherd breed is a member of the “pastoral” or “herding” dog group classification while French Bulldogs are grouped as “companion dogs”, however she says both breeds make exceptional companions for people of all ages.

Naturally, the most obvious difference is in the size of both animals. The average height of a male adult GSD is 25 inches (62.5 cm) while a female GSD will reach 23 inches (57.5 cm), on average. The French Bulldog’s peak average height? 14.5 (36.5) inches for either gender. While the average adult German Shepherd will weigh in between 60 to 77 pounds (or 27 kg to 35 kg), the French Bulldog’s maximum weight will never exceed 28 lbs (13 kg).

Babenko’s veterinary and professional breeding experience with both breeds carries plenty of credibility. Her expertise with both of these amazing canines is what has propelled the Vom Ragnar group of kennels into one of the most successful German Shepherd and the Best French Bulldog breeders in the nation. For more information on either of these amazing dogs, the Vom Ragnar staff of breeders and trainers is more than happy to take your call at 773-552-0808 and provide you with the answers your German Shepherd or French Bulldog questions.

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