Chicago Theft Attorney Shoplifting Retail Crime Defense Legal Services Launched

Purav Bhatt, a Chicago criminal defense lawyer with experience as a prosecutor, launched a wide range of legal services including legal representation in cases of theft, shoplifting, retail theft and other crimes. The Chicago theft and shoplifting lawyer specializes in both felony and misdemeanor cases.

Purav Bhatt, a Chicago criminal defense attorney, announced a wide range of law services including legal court representation in theft, shoplifting, and retail theft cases.

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Legal representation is crucial in criminal cases, with many people consulting lawyers even before the cases go to court. The most appropriate course of action from a legal perspective is difficult to discern without the help of a legal specialist, so working with a criminal defense lawyer as early as possible is imperative.

Criminal lawyers work with clients in cases of felony or misdemeanor. A criminal lawyer will be able to assess the individual case, and help the client decide on the best legal course of action.

Chicago is an area with particularly high level of legal prosecution for cases of theft and shoplifting, as well as for crimes in general. Misunderstanding or mis-identification can sometimes lead to charges, too, and without legal help it is many times difficult to avoid the negative legal consequences of such errors.

Purav Bhatt has experience working as a police prosecutor before becoming a criminal defense lawyer. This experience gave him the opportunity to know the inside procedure of case construction, and be familiar with many of the most common prosecution vulnerabilities.

As a Chicago theft and shoplifting attorney, among others, he strives to identify the errors of procedure in prosecution, thereby helping his clients avoid any erroneous legal actions.

His experience includes cases of both felony and misdemeanor, and he constantly attempts to obtain the most client-favorable legal outcome in either case.

Purav Bhatt specializes in a wide range of cases, including federal crimes, weapon charges, theft and shoplifting, probation violation, drug offense, domestic violence and more.

By working directly with the client, Purav Bhatt strives to offer a clear picture of the legal situation throughout the entire process, thereby enabling the client to take the best decision.

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