Chicago Taoist Breathing Techniques Mindfulness Qigong Classes Launched

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A new Taoist breathing course program has been launched by Tranquil Cloud Temple. It enables participants to improve wellbeing and wellness while obtaining Qigong certification.

New Taoist breathing techniques classes have been launched by Tranquil Cloud Temple. Taoism is an ancient tradition of philosophy and religious belief that is deeply rooted in Chinese customs and worldview. A major component is breathing as a form of meditation.

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Tranquil Cloud Temple offers beginner-friendly and more advanced programs for residents of Chicago neighborhoods Albany Park, Belmont Cragin, Riverdale, Ashburn, Dunning. Programs strive to teach clients a way of living that enhances their body, mind and spirit.

Now they have expanded their class range to offer online Taoist breathing techniques. Their wide variety of classes are part of their emphasis on healing, transformation and self improvement.

Tranquil Cloud Temple explains that Taoism is about the Tao, which can be translated as “The Way.” This is described as the ancient creative principle of the universe, with all things unified and united by it.

Taoism promotes meditation, feng shui, fortune telling, reading and chanting of scriptures. Taoist breathing emphasizes kidney breathing and lower/upper back breathing.

Breathing techniques like this can help to create physical, energetic, emotional, mental and psychic power. Taoist breathing also helps to improve longevity and counter some of the effects of aging.

Taoist breathing systems use ancient techniques to improve the quality of breath and help practitioners to feel more alive. Breathing is important for maintaining and improving health, and the new online courses aim to teach the fundamentals to a wider audience.

A spokesperson states: “Like most Taoists, Quanzhen priests were particularly concerned with longevity and immortality through alchemy, harmonising oneself with the Tao, studying the Five Elements, and ideas on balance consistent with Yin-Yang theory.”

Tranquil Cloud Temple, Nei Gong online classes are well suited to those who want to improve their wellbeing during the pandemic. No in-person contact is needed, and clients can practice the techniques from the comfort of their own home.

Those wishing to find out more can visit their website on the link provided above.

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