Chicago Language Learning Center Foreign Language Teaching Services Launched

Chicago language learning center Jacques International Language Academy has launched its services in the city and offers training in 11 foreign languages. The academy offers affordable and effective individual or group classes to learners from all age groups and proficiency levels.

Chicago language learning center Jacques International Language Academy announced the launch of its foreign language teaching services in the city. The center offers language lessons in 11 foreign languages as well as English as a foreign language.

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The foreign language coaching academy in Chicago provides intensive preparatory coaching services for learners who are preparing for citizenship. The academy provides professional language introduction and proficiency training for French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Hindi, and other languages.

Jacques International Language Academy offers personalized, one-to-one weekly lessons for all ages and proficiency levels. Personal sessions are available on monthly or hourly schedules. The center also offers affordable group learning sessions and one-year memberships. Registered students may practice their language skills for free at the academy’s Café Conversation space.

The Chicago French language training center uses teaching and learning methods that help students improve their active vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and sentence building. Jacques International Language Academy places emphasis on a student’s creativity as part of the language learning experience. The center also provides international-standard native skill level live interpretation and document translation services.

According to a spokesperson for the Spanish & French language academy in Chicago, “Our goal is to meet our students’ language needs and goals in an environment that is conducive to learning and fun. All of our teachers possess in-depth knowledge of at least three languages, allowing them to leverage multilingual knowledge to reach a wider student community.”

Jacques International Language Academy is a language teaching center headed by native French teacher Jacques, who is proficient in 9 languages. The center is staffed by a team of native language teachers who use practical dialogue-based learning situations and creative writing to build student abilities and language immersion.

More information is available over the phone at 312-871-1994 and at the URL above.

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