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Bishop Image Group, a premier signage company based in Chicago, IL, has launched a new report discussing the three most important things to look for when selecting a signage company.

The recent report covers the traits of the best signage companies, how to recognize what their availability means, and how to know whether the company will go above and beyond for its clients.

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Bishop Image Group’s latest report has been released to provide answers for businesses and companies seeking information about marketing through billboards and large-scale signage.

Formed in 2013 by Chris Bishop, Bishop Image Group prides itself on printing just about anything, catering to every business need, whether that’s banners and advertisements or signs and tradeshow graphics. Creative and resourceful, the team can take an idea and work magic with it to bring to life the customer’s dream signage.

The recent report supports this, detailing that to get the most success from signage, a company must think outside of the box and create something that engages with the surroundings, as well as working to a definitive timescale.

Discussing the specifics of working in Chicago, the report mentions how a signage company must have a Chicago attitude, and understand the turf they’re working with. The reader is provided with an example, suggesting that a business in Logan Square would operate very differently than one in the loop, and that a signage business should be aware of this – effectively, that they should understand their audience.

Later in the report, the subject of distance and availability is touched upon, suggesting that though Chicago is a “big city built of small towns”, a good signage company should be willing to make themselves available regardless of the distance.

The report goes on to mention that the best signage businesses are flexible and imaginative, working outside the normal parameters to create signs and advertising that catches the eye. It suggests that one way to do this is to work on surfaces that an audience doesn’t expect to see graphics on, thereby making those graphics stand out.

With the latest report release, Bishop Image Group continues to go one step further, offering expansive, flexible, and creative signage services for customers in Great Chicago and nationwide.

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