Chicago IL Incandescent Light Bulbs A19 Tubular Three-Way And PAR Lamps Launched

Based in Homewood, IL, MeBulbs launches updated line of incandescent lighting products, including A19, A15 and A23 bulbs, as well as three-way, tubular, and PAR lights.

Illinois-based company MeBulbs launches their updated range of incandescent bulbs and lights. The products are aimed at addressing the various lighting requirements of both residential and commercial clients.

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The newly updated product line includes over two dozen types of bulbs, which come in different wattages, styles, light wavelengths, and color temperatures.

The traditional A19 incandescent lamps are still among the company’s bestsellers, but the A15 and A23 variants are also available to suit other applications. The A19 also comes in colored models for those who are going for display and mood lighting. MeBulbs addresses other incandescent lighting requirements as well through their three-way, tubular, and PAR lights.

While incandescent light bulbs predate many of the other lighting options available today, such as LED lights, the company understands that they remain to be some of the most versatile and in-demand lighting products in a wide variety of settings. Because of this, the experts at MeBulbs continuously refine their designs to come up with long lasting and efficient incandescent light bulbs, as they have been doing with their other product lines since 1974.

From their headquarters in Homewood, Illinois, MeBulbs has supplied quality lighting products to countless customers, including households, businesses, and even large facilities and government offices. Aside from incandescent bulbs, the company also offers LED bulbs and fixtures, fluorescent tubes and accessories, as well as halogens and metal halides.

MeBulbs currently offers free shipping for orders amounting to at least $2000. Most orders go out within 24 hours of placement, but large fixtures and low-usage products may take two to four weeks depending on volume.

The website of MeBulbs contains detailed information on their incandescent bulbs and other lighting products. Accessible through the link above, the portal is also an e-commerce site for those who wish to place their orders online.

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