Chicago IL Home Services Hire – Laundry/Cleaning Contractor Booking App Launched

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Chicago, IL - Giggo announces its updated app to help residents connect to a local business for various home services such as laundry, landscaping, and home cleaning.

Giggo, a local home services app in Chicago, Illinois, announces its latest iteration. The app connects Chicagoans with local small to medium-sized businesses for a variety of services, including laundry and cleaning, among others.

More details can be found at Giggo’s Apple App Store landing page.

The newly announced iteration improves usability and functionality. Now, users can easily find a local business, book a service for the same day, and receive real-time notifications on where their providers are. If the service provider does not confirm the appointment within two hours, the app allows users to cancel the booking.

This gives a more seamless experience to customers. The goal of the app is to support local businesses while adapting to national guidelines to limit social gatherings.

Giggo is an online marketplace for various home services, whether that is home cleaning, laundry, or landscaping. Graeme Gates, the founder of Giggo, says that the app offers a convenient solution for customers looking for a safe way to connect to local businesses.

The latest iteration also offers several new safety features. One such feature is the contractor code generator, which gives a unique code that is sent to both the contractor and customer to verify identity. Customers can ask the contractor to present the code before allowing them inside their homes.

Another safety feature is the strengthened in-house payment option. To limit the use of physical cash, clients can pay their contractor using Giggo’s online payment channel after the service has been completed.

Still, Giggo is intended to support local businesses with their visibility and revenue flow. Gates emphasizes that the app does not charge any lead-generating fees, unlike its competitors. This allows SMBs to connect directly with potential clients at no extra cost.

In addition, the app provides instant payments, even on weekends and holidays. This means that local businesses can receive immediate cash flow once clients send their payments. This feature was included to help more companies pay their employees on time.

While Giggo is currently focused on Chicago, there are plans to expand to other cities in the state soon.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the Apple App Store.

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