Chicago IL Home Services Contractors – Instant Booking/Payment App Launched

The Giggo app has been launched allowing customers in the Chicago, IL area to request services from many kinds of independent contractors. Contractors can schedule appointments, accept payments, and keep customers informed using the same app.

The Giggo app is a new two-way communication option that allows customers to talk to contractors and contractors to easily update customers. The application is designed to be straightforward to use and help independent contractors and small businesses grow their impact.

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Chicago customers can now have a directory of local independent contractors at their fingertips. These businesses are verified by Stripe for customer security.

The Chicago gig economy is one of the largest in the nation. It is not just made up of Uber drivers and Airbnb hosts. It also includes handymen, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, beauticians, writers, graphic designers, engineers, and more.

This gig economy for specialized independent professionals included 185,000 workers who earned more than $6.7 billion last year. The pandemic gave rise to an increase in gig workers because so many businesses were either closed, or they laid off employees.

Each of these gig workers needs a way to easily handle service requests, schedule appointments, communicate with customers, and accept payments. The five-star rated Giggo app answers all these needs.

Customers can search for services by type and city, request services from a business, get notifications about the job status, and pay through Apple pay. They also have the benefit of knowing an appointment will be canceled if the contractor is more than 2 hours late.

Giggo is not just limited to gig workers but allows any small business to easily market and scale their customer base and grow their revenue. Workers can manage service requests and decide which requests they will accept.

They can also subcontract jobs out to other service providers and stay informed about those jobs. It is easy to update customers when traveling from one appointment to another. They can give customers quotes, send invoices, and accept payments, all through the Giggo app.

This app is a solution that helps service providers and customers find each other. It is helpful to both established contractors and small businesses, and to entrepreneurs and gig workers who are just starting out and need to start building a clientele.

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