Chicago IL Bredesen Protocol Reverse Alzheimers & Dementia Services Launched

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Dr. Silvia Z. Panitch, MD, at Chicago, Illinois, based clinic Lakeview Integrative Medicine updated her range of medical services for patients dealing with Alzheimer’s disease. Trained by Professor Bredesen in the RECODE Report, the doctor has the expertise and knowledge to reverse cognitive decline.

Dr. Silvia Z. Panitch, MD, at Lakeview Integrative Medicine announced the launch of an updated range of medical services for patients in Chicago, Illinois, who are dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or Parkinsons. Dr. Panitch has been trained by Professor Bredesen in the RECODE Report (Reversing Cognitive Decline) and they have created protocols which are now used successfully to reverse cognitive decline.

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Alzheimer’s is a debilitating brain disease that progressively destroys memory and thinking skills, and, until now, has been considered an irreversible illness. However, new research led by Dr. Bredesen provides a new means to understanding this complex disease.

Dr. Dale Bredesen, an internationally renowned expert on Alzheimer’s has designed a comprehensive treatment, known as the Bredesen Protocol, in order to prevent and reverse the effects of cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s.

The program at Lakeview Integrative Medicine entails a systematic and individualized approach to reverse all possible contributing factors for Alzheimer’s.

Dr. Silvia Z. Panitch and her team will look into the causes of the patient’s cognitive decline. Some of the stages of the program include specific testing, nutrition, lifestyle consultation, and the use of pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals.

After several tests and reviews, the patient will benefit from a personalized program, including the right diet, exercise, prescription, supplements, and lifestyle changes. The aims of such a personalized treatment are to fix the underlying cause (infections, toxin exposure, chronic inflammation), change lifestyle to increase brain function, and optimize hormones, neurotransmitters, and other abnormal biomarkers found.

With the latest update, Lakeview Integrative Medicine strives to provide comprehensive medical care for men and women, helping them lead a healthy and happy life.

A satisfied client said: “Dr. Panitch is an excellent doctor. She is the perfect combination of someone who has an MD and the background of an internist but also has vast knowledge of more natural ways to keep yourself healthy. She’s not one to push prescriptions on you either which I appreciate. I highly recommend her.”

Interested parties can find more by visiting the above-mentioned website or calling +1-773-525-6595.

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