Chicago IL Anti-Bullying Teaching Curriculum For Teen Mental Health Announced

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Chicago, IL - The Mental Health Association of Greater Chicago (800-209-8114) relaunches its ready-to-implement student curriculum on mental illness and reducing the stigma surrounding it. The nonprofit helps teachers recognize the first warning signs of depression in teenagers.

Designed and written by a school principal, teacher, and teen psychologist, the new curriculum by MHAGC seeks to provide educators with pre-packaged and structured lessons on mental illness. Called Learning2Live, the course talks about depression and anxiety, and how teachers can help students in need.

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The relaunched program contains several videos, lesson plans, class activities, and presentations that were carefully curated and designed for middle to high-school students. An emphasis is placed on suicide prevention among teens and the signs teachers should look out for.

Depression in teenagers often manifests itself differently. Whereas adults can fall into silence and retreat from society, teenagers may express their depression through unexplained anger and violence. It is crucial that teachers understand the nuances in adolescent mental health and learn what to do when they notice a student exhibiting behavioral challenges.

This is important, says MHAGC. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death among people aged 15-24, with school bullying and pressure often cited as reasons for the act. Still, medical experts explain that despite its prevalence, suicide can be easily prevented, especially through immediate psychological intervention.

Teachers are often the first line of defense as they are usually around the child for most of the day. Nevertheless, MHAGC explains that teenagers should feel comfortable confiding in them. This can be achieved if educators become familiar with mental health and learn how to talk to students who may be depressed.

Apart from Learning2Live, MHAGC is also launching a program for school bullying. The course, called 2Tough2Bully, motivates students to take action against bullying in a positive way, including talking to their teachers and families about the abuse.

Learning2Live can be accessed through a yearly subscription of $599 per teacher. 2Tough2Bully, on the other hand, is $299 per teacher for a yearly subscription.

MHAGC encourages interested teachers to call them to see which program is best suited for their students. The 501(c)3 organization was founded by Clifford Beers in 1957.

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