Chicago IL AI Chatbox Lead Generation Sales Conversion Services Launched

Chicago Mobile M Marketing launched an updated range of artificial intelligence chatbot services for local companies interested in efficient new ways to interact and engage with their prospects and generate more leads.

Mobile M Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in Chicago, Illinois, announced the launch of an updated range of services for local businesses looking to increase their profitability by generating leads and sales through human conversational marketing. The agency helps companies of all sizes to shift interactions with customers from traditional human support to automated.

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A lot of small business owners find themselves unable to get their desired results, despite significant investments of time and resources. The kind of competition that businesses find themselves in today has never been dealt with before. Consumer preferences change at a moment’s notice, and marketing techniques must reinvent themselves to keep up.

Artificial intelligence is changing the way in which companies innovate and communicate their processes, products and services. Mobile M Marketing offers an AI powered chatbot that provides 24/7 customer service, allowing each local business to scale-up, while increasing customer satisfaction.

With Mobile M Marketing, companies are launching intelligent assistants that gradually take over recurrent tasks. They are human-like, language and industry specific and they learn fast. Any channel of communication with customers or employees can be automated using a smart chatbot.

Chatbots relieve a company’s employees from routine and help them deal with more complicated and challenging tasks. Thus, customers can get help with their questions, take appointments and can be connected to a live agent for complex scenarios, ensuring continued engagement.

These lead generation chatbots revolutionize the way one’s brand interacts with customers. The chatbot intelligently adapts the conversation to the customer’s responses, offering an interactive experience that will certainly prove more helpful to them than a static webpage.

With the recent update, Mobile M Marketing aims to help local businesses reduce support personnel cost, while increasing client satisfaction and acquiring new customers.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Does your business take appointments, like a hair/nail salon or a dental practice? Use ‘Chat agent services’ to automatically take appointments via your website – saving you and your staff work and time on the phone! If you run a restaurant, you can use ‘Chat agent services’ to invite visitors to make a reservation, order for delivery/takeout or even book a large party! The possibilities are simply endless!”

Interested parties can find more by visiting the above-mentioned website or calling +1-888-322-2490.

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