Chicago Data Entry Service Helping Businesses Relieve Burden During COVID

Rely Services, a global Business Process Outsource firm with headquarters near Chicago, is helping businesses struggling with data entry demands during the Pandemic.

Rely Services, a global Business Process Outsource firm with headquarters near Chicago, is helping businesses struggling with data entry demands during the Pandemic.

“Our services are key in helping businesses keep their head above water in these unique and unprecedented times.” Said Michael McCarthy, SVP, Sales & Marketing. “Many firms don’t have the ability or the staff to stay in front of the data entry wave even when ‘stay at home’ orders don’t keep everyone out of the office.”

Rely Services is a Business Process Outsource company headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois, delivering a variety of BPO services to businesses of all sizes.

“Using a BPO to outsource time-consuming, repetitive tasks like data entry is especially valuable in this uncertain business climate,” says McCarthy. “The idea of bringing more people on board right now is probably not a good move. Businesses should make the smart play and use a BPO for those functions. And this holds for all types of businesses, new and old, big and small.” McCarthy adds: “Usually, when someone mentions Business Process Outsourcing to a start-up enterprise- in any sector- their first response might be ‘Wait a minute, I’m new, I’m just starting! I don’t need and can’t afford a BPO!’, but the truth is any size business, from start-up to multi-national can save Time and money using a BPO.”

Rely Services offers data entry to all kinds of firms: Insurance, Healthcare, Mortgage, Finance, and Accounting, as well as Manufacturing and Logistics. Among these areas of focus is mortgage processing data entry, which is showing increasing demand.

“Since we serve different sectors, our data entry proficiency is extensive.” continues McCarthy. “Having experience in those different sectors makes us more flexible, so we’re able to take care of any data entry project.

In today’s volatile business climate, enterprises new and old, big and small, are looking for ways to weather multiple storms. The usual storms- competition, talent retention, regulation, escalating prices, and supply chains in flux- as well as the new storms caused by the Covid 19 pandemic and the economic turmoil it prompted.”

McCarthy continues: “Many successful businesses are turning to BPO Companies as the solution. And this makes total sense. Outsourcing the day-to-day routine work will save a ton of money, Time, and headaches.”

The solution that many businesses of all sizes are concentrating on is back-office business process outsourcing. That’s right. The are talking about moving, say their Back Office Data Entry Services or their Insurance Back Office Operations. Today virtually all back-office services can be moved offshore, saving money and time.

McCarthy cites the following:

“Catalog Management, Data Mining, Data Entry, Data Management,

Transaction Processing & Management Services, Billing and Invoicing Services,

Purchase Order Processing Services, Data Conversion, and Document Digitization,

Document Indexing and Archiving Services, Application Processing, Database Management, OCR Services, Retail and eCommerce, Accounting Data Entry.”

“All of these business processes can be offshored with significant savings in virtually every way you can think of,” he says.

“Time- because BPOs can quickly ramp up, and on day one, offer you a complete back-office solution. And money- because you only pay for services that you use, there’s no waste or downtime that you’re on the hook for. There are no “training period” costs that you need to absorb. There’s no vacation time expenses, no payroll expenses, no insurance expenses, the list goes on and on”.

About Rely Services

As a leading global BPO – Business Process Outsourcing – a company delivering business solutions for over 20 years, Rely Services provides clients with the best quality services and fast turnaround, using a team of experienced professionals ready to handle Healthcare, Mortgage, Insurance, and Finance & Accounting BPO needs.

Offering all businesses, large or small, a highly trained, reliable staff at significant savings, using cutting-edge technologies and offering the latest in hardware, software, and personnel training is their mission.

Keeping track of the myriad of documents generated in business today is a Herculean task. If a business needs additional help with digitization, imaging, indexing, and archiving virtually any back-office functions, Rely can handle it. They can help safely, securely, and with complete confidentiality, manage all document flow, storage, and retrieval.

Rely Services can quickly expand current staff with trained and experienced professionals and adopt established techniques and standards. They will dramatically expand the reach and accelerate timelines by putting more assets in play. Their services are scalable, so a business will never pay for people or services not needed.

In the arena of Business Process Outsourcing, Rely Services stands apart from the crowd. Expertise in data services and the trust clients have placed in them is the key. Rely Services works with numerous partners in the public, private, and government sectors.

Businesses use a BPO to reduce the cost and time-sucking process of advertising, interviewing, hiring, training, and retaining new employees, and eliminate the infrastructure costs of housing new staff and the expense of buying new office equipment and computer hardware and software.

But trusting enough to outsource data, customer information, customer service, and everything else to an outside entity can be a scary proposition.

Rely Services has provided the needed services with professional, efficient, and economical results, for over two decades. They’ve “been there done that.”

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