Chicago Cyberbullying Mental Health Curriculum for High School Teachers Launched

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Chicago, IL - MHAGC (1-800-209-8114) announces that its mental health curriculum and programs have been updated to help more teachers talk to their students about cyberbullying.

The Mental Health Association of Greater Chicago (MHAGC) announces that its ready-to-implement mental health curricula have been updated to include the latest research in cyberbullying. Both programs, Learning2Live and 2Tough2Bully, guide teachers on how to enable high school students to develop emotional resilience.

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The updated curricula give Chicagoan educators the support and tools they need to teach mental health topics at their convenience. In particular, it pays attention to the effects of cyberbullying and how teachers can recognize the subtle signs that one of their students may be a victim.

The advent of technology has changed the way people interact. Today’s teenagers mostly communicate online through various social media channels. And while experts note that the internet has helped people around the world talk to one another more easily, it has also led to the proliferation of a new type of bullying.

MHAGC developed its curricula with the goal of discussing mental health without the stigma usually attached to it. It notes that open and effective communication can often deter teenagers from acting out in unhealthy ways, including self-harm. The group says that teachers should be able to develop a safe space where their students can openly discuss their feelings.

The 503(c) organization has noted that cyberbullying is a more insidious form of bullying, as those who do it are often unknown to their victims. Many cyberbullies do not reveal who they are, which prevents the victim, or their families, from acting appropriately.

The absence of accountability, along with the shame that comes with bullying, may cause a teenager to self-harm or contemplate suicide. According to recent statistics, suicide is the second leading cause of death among individuals aged 15 to 24 years old.

MHAGC updated its curricula to reduce this statistic, and inspire teachers to talk to their students. One of the ways it promotes this is by offering its teacher-friendly curriculum and programs that were designed by several mental health and education experts.

Either program can be subscribed to at $599/year.

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