Chicago Confidential STD Testing Private Test Center Clinics Launched

STD Aware, a chain of confidential STD testing clinics, launched twenty new labs serving the Chicago area. The labs provide testing for the most common STDs, full financial and payment privacy, as well as three-days-maximum confidential e-mail results.

STD Aware, a chain of private STD testing clinics, launched twenty new clinics serving the Chicago area.

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Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are particularly difficult to deal with, since getting diagnosed is more challenging than with other diseases. Many people feel ashamed to go to their doctors with a potential case of STD, since they believe their reputation might be at stake.

However, left untreated, STDs can be potentially devastating. While less serious conditions such as thrush infections might not pose immediate danger to general health, they too can cause serious problems and have the potential to generalize to other parts of the body. More serious STDs such as syphilis are extremely dangerous since, untreated, they may even lead to death.

STDs therefore require immediate attention, and when a visit to the personal doctor is impractical, the most effective solution is a consultation with a confidential STD clinic.

STD Aware is a chain of private STD testing clinic which launched 20 new confidential STD testing clinics in Chicago, Illinois.

The company provides its clients with a comprehensive 8-panel testing kit designed to identify the most common STDs, such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis and syphilis. Both the full testing kit and individual tests are available.

To ensure complete client privacy, the company works with non-descript payment statements and financial deals, so that all transactions are completely neutral. The partner clinics provide testing services for a variety of other conditions, any STD associations being thus limited.

STD Aware Chicago strives to provide its clients with the final results as fast as possible, typically within 48 to 72 hours from the initial testing. Both negative and positive results are sent privately via e-mail.

All testing services provided by STD Aware Chicago are FDA approved and completely non-invasive.

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