Chicago Bathtub Refinishing Reglazing Shower Tile Resurfacing Services Launched

The Bathtub Shop, a Chicago bathroom refinishing company, launched full-serving resurfacing solutions for bathtubs, tiles and showers. The company provides complete re-glazing, enameling and coating for all types of bathroom surfaces, serving residential, commercial and industrial clients.

The Bathtub Shop, a professional bathroom refinishing company based in Chicago, announced an updated range of services for clients interested in bathtub, tile and shower resurfacing and refinishing. Working with professional experts and high-quality materials, the company provides complete thermo-glazing, fiberglass coating, stone coating and various other solutions.

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After several years of use, bathtubs can lose their original finish – a common occurence which often leads to significant aesthetic issues. Discoloration, coat cracking and even rust are common issues with old bathtubs – all even more problematic for hotels and other accommodation providers.

To help Chicago residents and commercial clients recondition their bathtubs quickly and effectively, The Bathtub Shop launched updated resurfacing solutions. The company offers complete bathtub refinishing, re-glazing, fiberglass coating and many other services, in an effort to help clients benefit from an elegant, like-new bathtub while also avoiding the often prohibitive costs of bathroom replacement.

The company offers complete thermo-glazing services for all types of bathtubs, including iron and fiberglass. The company uses high-tech materials to ensure long-lasting bathtub glazing – all Bathtub Shop thermo-glazing jobs are guaranteed to last at least ten years.

A typical bathtub re-glazing ensures that the polish and luster of the initial bathtub are restored without spending money on a new bathtub. This can lead to important savings while also offering high reliability and durability.

The Bathtub Shop also provides stone coating services, applicable to all types of bathroom surfaces – from shower floors to tiles and walls. Stone coating offers the surface the appearance of natural stone, with the special treatment protecting the shower, bathtub, floor or wall from chemical or bacterial damage.

“We’re constantly trying to adapt our services to the latest standards in the industry. We work with the best refinishing experts using the latest coatings and paints to meet and exceed all our client’s expectations.”, declared a spokesperson for The Bathtub Shop.

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