Cheyenne WY Coronavirus Anxiety Stress Relief Self Help Service Launched

A specialist therapeutic self-help company based in Cheyenne WY, PSTEC, has launched a new self-help service to help people cope with the stress and anxiety of the global coronavirus outbreak.

A specialist therapeutic self-help company based in Cheyenne WY, PSTEC, has launched a new service to help people who are feeling stressed and overwhelmed as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic, also known as COVID-19.

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The newly launched service is designed to help people recognize negative feelings due to the global pandemic and provide a practical, actionable solution to feel better. The new service includes a free downloadable pack to help ease stress and worry.

Many people are facing unprecedented challenges, including financially. Daily news reports suggest economies are struggling to cope along with health care systems. Many people feel anxious, depressed and overwhelmed because of the sudden changes in circumstance.

PSTEC is a therapy treatment that acts as an alternative option to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), hypnotherapy and other talking therapies. It is essentially an eleven-minute-long piece of click audio that provides a powerful and repetitive pattern to interrupt.

This means it can alter ingrained thoughts and processes that can be negative and have a detrimental impact on mental health, physical health and wellbeing. Incorporated on the audio track are a range of percussive sounds, each with a specific role to play.

The overall aim is to create an emotionally neutral state within the audio track that allow the clients to focus on different thought patterns. Metaphorical anchors are used to remove negative or problematic feelings.

The PSTEC system can be applied to many issues including stress, anxiety, phobias, unresolved grief, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), low self-esteem and health related anxieties. Although simple, the solution is recognized as one of the fastest treatment options, particularly for single issues.

A company spokesperson said: “The current global situation is having a detrimental effect on the mental wellbeing of many people, whether because of self-isolation or worries over money, health and the future.”

“If this stress and anxiety is not dealt with and treated, it will likely cause further issues such as depression, interrupted sleep cycles and weight gain. The PSTEC approach to treating issues is simple but hugely effective,” they added.

Interested parties are invited to visit the website address provided above to find out how PSTEC can help.

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