Chesterton IN Micro Automated Services For Small Business Consultants Launched

Chesterton IN, Social Outstanding Success Engine has launched a new range of micro automated services aimed at small business consultants who want to offer their clients affordable digital marketing tools

A leading local business consultancy run by digital marketing expert Mike Morales based in Chesterton IN, Social Outstanding, has launched a new range of micro automated services aimed at local business consultants.

To view the full range of micro automated services available, visit:

The new services are designed to help local small business consultants help businesses that need to complete crucial digital marketing tasks but simply don’t have either the time, budget or in house expertise.

The aim of micro automated services is to break down popular digital marketing tools such as blog content, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), reputation management, lead generation and social media content and provide each service individually.

This allows businesses to select the marketing tools that will be most beneficial to their business needs without committing to a large-scale digital marketing plan with a large price tag.

Micro automated services provided by Social Outstanding can form part of a wider digital marketing strategy, while saving small businesses money and simultaneously generating more income.

Utilizing individual business consultants who focus on small businesses can alleviate the pressure and cost of hiring a large agency as small businesses do not always have the budget available to execute a large scale strategy in one go.

The products available by Morales for Social Outstanding Success Engine include advice, guidance and training to enable business consultants to better support their clients and their digital marketing needs. Current products available include training and providing Facebook business page content and posts, Groupon like offers, video ads, updating social media covers and creating monthly newsletters.

A company spokesperson said, “Social Outstanding serves a dual purpose. We enable small business consultants to generate a steady and reliable income, while at the same time helping small businesses to increase their revenue through digital marketing activities without committing to expensive digital agencies.”

All the digital marketing products offered by Social Outstanding are designed to generate income for both small business consultants and their clients, to find out more, visit the website URL provided above.

Examples include: SEO, reputation management, lead generation, etc.

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