Chesterfield MO Commercial Snow and Ice Removal Expert Services Launched

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Snow removal services company Snow Control Team launched Chesterfield-area businesses and facilities custom pricing packages for snow and ice management of their commercial properties.

Snow removal services company Snow Control Team launched Chesterfield-area businesses and facilities custom pricing packages for snow and ice management of their commercial properties this winter season.

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Snow Control Team is a fully staffed company that is well-equipped to handle the toughest winter storms in the greater St. Louis area. With this year’s newly launched services the company caters to property owners, property managers, and property management companies who require that their properties have maximum liability reduction, and remain accessible during inclement winter weather.

The company’s team of full-time snow removal professionals prepare year-round to orchestrate the perfect snow management tactics for all properties.

Snow Control Team specializes in commercial properties, from small banks or medical buildings, all the way to large scale 50-acre distribution facilities.

The packages are designed to meet the exact needs of clients’ commercial properties. They can be adjusted to meet a business’ exact requirements and traffic patterns at a particular property.

Businesses can select one of the packages and have a proposal emailed to them within two business days. The team creates a snow site plan customized to any property, and the business will either be emailed a detailed time-stamped bill promptly after each event, or be billed the same price monthly.

Snow site plans are created for each of their clients’ properties. These plans identify boundaries, service specifics for each surface of property, where to pile snow, and any obstacle on the property.

Snow Control Team provides a range of services that are executed in a calculated way, beyond the act of snow removal.

The team provides weather forecasting, in which they contract private meteorologists to ensure they are always prepared and well aware of upcoming winter weather events along with system changes during a storm.

Using this information, the company’s Winter Weather Alerts are emailed out to clients well before a winter weather event begins. Ongoing alerts are sent throughout major snow/ice events. Snow Control Team has a designated 24/7 phone number where its management team is always available, including holidays.

Anti-icing or “pre-treatment” is done before the snow/ice event starts. It’s a benefit to clients as it prevents ice from bonding to the pavements, speeds up melt times once the property is clear and reduces the overall usage of de-icers needed for a clear property during each event.

To de-ice vehicular pavements, Snow Control Team uses a variety of chemical solutions and state-of-the-art de-icing methods. It’s an ongoing focus to research and implement the most environmentally friendly products and techniques.

Sidewalks are kept clear though specialized equipment including snow shovels, snow blowers, power brooms, four-foot hydraulic plows, and small skid steers with plows and brooms. Similar de-icing solutions are applied.

Snow is cleared from pavement using trucks, skid steers with snow plows and snow pushers, and large material moving wheel loaders with high capacity snow pushers.

Snow Control Team offers sidewalk chemical buckets at all exterior doorways as a convenience to clients. It’s an added service for icicles melting onto pavement, spilled liquids, waterline breaks, etc. The bucket is dropped off around November 1st and picked up around April 15th.

Snow can be relocated after a snow event using high capacity loaders and dump trucks. Snow melting is also an option to allow for large cubic yard melting and helps reduce hauling fees.

There is a quality control team on all service zones. Snow and ice control service quality is always monitored so clients don’t have to. The Client Service Portal lets businesses monitor services performed on their site(s) in real time. It includes each visit time, services performed, and invoices that can be paid immediately from the portal.

The team has equipment that is municipal grade snow and ice management equipment. From liquid de-icer application capabilities, which reduces environmental impact, to large backhoes and loaders with high capacity snow pushers, the team can handle any snow event.

The team’s goal is to have three times the amount of the annual average of material used allocated for a client’s property. This ensures that there will never be a shortage of de-icers when it’s most needed. There are de-icer depots located in all service areas for quick response times.

Visit the website link above to see which other Missouri locations are in the team’s service areas.

Businesses may request a proposal or schedule an on-site consultation now.

Release ID: 88975660