Chesapeake Video Marketing & Production Company Launches 3D Virtual Sets

Chesapeake video marketing company, Allied Video Services, has launched an expanded service that includes 3D virtual set design with three cameras for live editing. This helps companies get their message across using professional set design or any background they can think of.

A video production and marketing company in Chesapeake, Virginia, has expanded its services to include virtual set capabilities with three high-definition cameras, three teleprompters, and a variety of interactive sets. Allied Video Services has over 32 years of experience in the industry, and prides itself on helping companies to get their message across to a larger audience through the power of video.

More information is available on the Allied Video Services website at:

AVS says that the strength of their enduring business model is that they have a trust level with every client. The creative team will hold talks with businesses to consult with them on what they want to get across, what they hope to achieve with their video marketing campaign, and how might be the best way to go about making that a reality. They will then develop the campaign from those initial design stages all the way through to a professional final product.

The benefit of Allied Video Service’s virtual set technology is that customers can deliver their message with style, whether they would like a professional TV set or any background that they can think of, and make use of this versatility without the traditional cost associated with set design. The service can create videos that look like a newsroom, or transport customers’ businesses to other countries entirely, and it can be applied to TV shows, internet adverts, training videos and sales and marketing pieces.

Virtual sets is a technology that involves shooting a subject against a green screen background and then removing the green to replace it with something else. Just like in movies, this process can be used to put the subject in any environment. Meanwhile, the new three-camera set up allows the video shoot to be edited live, which cuts down on post-production costs. The multi-angle shots can also lend a more professional feel to the video.

Companies wanting more information on booking a session for their company can contact Rory Graham at Allied Video Services on 757-424-9757. Estimations and consultations can be arranged for free prior to launching a project.

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