Chefast Launched Its Splatter Screen Value Pack On

Chefast offers a universal 13-inch splatter screen, which is combined with pan scrapers and a hot handle holder. The value pack is available for sale on

Chefast is pleased to announce the launch of their universal 13-inch splatter screen suitable for almost any size frying pan.

The Chefast Splatter Screen Set also contains two pan scrapers and a silicone hot handle holder. The splatter cover, pan scrapers and silicone handle holder are constructed of very durable materials. Each item is dishwasher-safe making everything easy to clean. The product is sold through and can be seen on the product page at, as well as on the Chefast official website.

For any cooks who like frying or grilling on the stove top a splatter screen is a must. The screen needs to be large enough to cover up to a thirteen inch frying pan. The handle must extend out far enough that the cook doesn’t risk burns from hot oil while moving the pan. Although the screen itself is rust-resistant metal, the handle must be covered with a silicone hot handle holder. The screen has ergonomic resting feet, to easily keep the surface clean when placing the splatter screen on the counter.

The Chefast Splatter guard can also be used as a cooling rack, veggie steamer, and even a pasta strainer. The silicone hot handle holder can be used to provide extra comfort and protection when using the splatter screen or a variety of pans. The two scrapers are suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.

A spokesperson for Chefast explains, “If you’re not fully satisfied with the job these do, simply let us know within thirty days for a no-hassle refund. Beyond that, take peace of mind in our one-year replacement warranty.”

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