Chefast Launched Its New Set of 8 Reusable Straws on Amazon.Com

Chefast is now offering their new set of reusable stainless steel straws on Amazon. The set includes eight metal straws in 4 sizes, two cleaning brushes, 4 silicone rings, and a carry bag.

Chefast takes pride in offering their new set of 8 reusable straws on Their product launching is very timely and beneficial especially to those who want to stop using plastic straws and do their part to save the planet.

The company is now making a smart move by offering this quality and safely reusable straws that come in varied diameters and sizes. Individuals who are looking for more creative options can purchase these metal straws and experience all the fun and flexibility of drinking from straws that don’t pose environmental and health hazards. Whether sipping some tall margarita or pounding down on healthier and more delicious smoothie, this new set of reusable metal straws from Chefast got individuals’ needs covered.

This metal straw set makes it possible for individuals to purchase the most common sizes of quality stainless steel straw in a single kit. This means more convenience on their part considering that they can access the sizes that suit every need. This metal straw set includes two extra-long that can fit 30oz tumblers and two extra-wide straws so individuals can enjoy even thicker drinks such as ultimately cold smoothie and milkshakes.

The set is also composed of two thin and long metal straws to fit 20oz tumblers and to go cups, and two standard diameter and length metal straws which are useful especially when it’s time to slurp down lemonade or iced tea. With four straight metal reusable straws available in two sizes, four bent straws that also comes in two sizes, a useful carry pouch and cleaning brushes, this set has everything that individuals need to enjoy the simpler yet healthier pleasures of drinking from straws without putting health at risks and without polluting the Earth as well.

The Chefast new set of 8 reusable straws are made of premium quality 18/8 stainless steel. These reusable metal straws are dishwasher-free and created to last for a lifetime. These will not break or rust and will not add any metallic or strange drink on consumers’ favorite beverages. Special silicone rings are also included to ideally keep the metal straws in place when driving, riding or going on a hike.

The product is now readily available online, particularly on Amazon. The Chefast new set of 8 reusable straws comes with a full 1-year product warranty. These straws are the perfect and smarter choices for those who are concerned about their health and the environment as well. To get more familiar with its features, check out the official website at or the Amazon product page at

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