Chef Sac Releases an Article to Help Out Chefs and Cooks Amidst the Pandemic

Chef Sac has released an article with tips on how to cope during the pandemic. Chefs, cooks, culinary students, and other interested parties can find the article online at

Makers of bags for Culinary Mavericks, Chef Sac, has published a resourceful article dedicated to helping chefs and cooks become more inspired and productive amidst the pandemic. The company whose goal is to start a culinary revolution by providing bags specifically designed for the needs of kitchen professionals aims to support this community in whatever way they can.

Interested parties are invited to review the how-to guide in full on their website:

This Chef Sac article talks about getting creative in the kitchen, making cooking as bonding time with family, giving back to the community and helping those in need, improving one’s skills, and the importance of being kind to one’s self.

When asked for more information about the article on becoming a pro chef and what they hope to accomplish with it, Keith Chiu, Co-Creator and Co-Owner at Chef Sac said: “Things aren’t the same anymore. The pandemic impacted the culinary industry and many culinarians are left without a job. While the industry is thriving, there are still a number of chefs and cooks bearing the pressure and anxieties brought by COVID. We wanted to publish a piece that’ll give Culinary Mavericks on how to cope in this challenging time of our history.

If this is something you are interested in reading, check out the article here:

Chef Sac is an up-and-coming creator of knife bags and backpacks specifically designed for culinary professionals. Their aesthetically pleasing design and unique craftsmanship are partnered with an intelligent storage solution that allows chefs and cooks to safely bring more than just their favorite knives to work. As they say on their website, chefs and cooks do not have to play favorites anymore, indeed! Chef Sac bags are made to perform both in and out of the kitchen, keeping culinarians confident in their kitchen tools so they can cut through the stress of the everyday chef life.

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