CHEF + 1 and Zero Grocery collaborate to bring Meal Kits without the Kit

Two California startups collaborate to disrupt the meal kit industry bringing a meal kit without single use plastics. Meal planning and grocery delivery made easy.

Chef & I, an on-demand platform that provides curated, chef-led meal plans, and Zero Grocery, the first plastic-free online grocery store in the US, are pleased to announce their collaboration to deliver customized meal plans made only with the best plastic-free ingredients.

Through its partnership, Chef & I allows for members to shop their chosen meal plans via Zero Grocery’s plastic-free catalog. Unlike any other meal kit, which typically comes with extensive packaging, this collaboration pilots a new meal planning, cooking and shopping solution to take the stress out of cooking and the plastic out of shopping.

Chef and I provides curated, chef-led meal plans that cater to all diets and cooking skills levels. Users pick their favorite chef and get weekly meal plans, shopping lists, and easy-to-follow recipe tutorials on-demand.

Zero Grocery, the first plastic-free online grocery store in the US, is on a mission to remove plastic from the food system. Zero provides high-quality groceries and everyday goods at wholesale prices – all without the trash.

“As food and cooking continues to take on new meanings and trends, especially with more people spending time at home, being able to deliver a variety of healthy and delicious meals on the regular is not easy for parents and busy professionals. Chef & I’s mission is to make home cooking simplified and delicious. Now, with this collaboration with Zero Grocery, we’re truly able to provide the meal kit, without the kit.” says XX, founder & CEO of Chef & I.

To experience the collaboration, users take the following steps on the Chef & I platform:

Pick their plan – Chef & I offers meal plans that fit any diet or preference

Download their grocery list – all ingredients are available through Zero, making meal prep easy with none of the plastic packaging

Cook with a chef – each recipe in their meal plan includes a walkthrough video with the Chef

Reduce food waste – Chef & I + Zero Grocery meal plans maximize efficiency so users get the most out of their ingredients

One of the featured dinner menu items is Chef Sarah Kleinknecht’s Asian Turkey Burger and Potato Salad. Chef Sarah has been a private chef with over 15 years of experience cooking healthy and delicious foods for A-list celebrities and professional athletes. The turkey patty mixture incorporates ginger, garlic, red onion, shallots, and cilantro, bringing an Asian flavor to the burger. Her vibrant take on a burger comes naturally gluten free.

Zero Members get one free month of Chef and I membership and a reduced lifetime membership of just $15 a month with promo code “ZEROCHEF”. For more information about Chef & I, visit www.chefandicom or visit

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