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With you can check your reputation online. You’ll see both your Reputation Profile and public Reputation Score; plus, background details that could court records, financial details, contact details, lawsuits and liens, photos, personal reviews written by people who know you and more. This all information about you anyone can find about you. And that’s not all, MyLife lets you verify, edit, and enhance your Reputation Profile to look your best to everyone.

MyLife Reputation Profiles and Reputation Scores appear in online searches whenever a person is being searched for. You never know who could be looking at your info online – an old friend, previous romantic interest or new one, neighbor, co-worker, client, family member, could be anyone. Often, people look us up online and we don’t even know about it.

Of course, all of the information that’s online about you is also online about other people. Go ahead, search for anyone on MyLife. You might be surprised what you learn about someone, even someone you’ve known for years. MyLife has over 325 million verified Reputation Profiles that you can get access to. In fact, searching for someone on MyLife is even free. Looking someone up on MyLife, especially someone you just met, can be an important way for you and your family to stay safe. got its start when Founder Jeffrey Tinsley noticed a growing need for people need to know how they look to others online. With more than 10 years prior experience in the Everyone world, Jeffrey Tinsley decided to go ahead and start in 2002. Tinsley is quoted saying: “We like to do things to onnect with our consumers and customers. Things like providing unique services to help them keep safe and look their best.”

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