Check Please Tampa Restaurant Digital Menu Site Contactless Ordering Solution

The world’s first universal online ordering app is now available for Tampa restaurants interested in an effective way to expand their market reach. Check Please offers a convenient platform for customers to find, order and pay for food in their areas.

Check Please, a new online food ordering and payment website, is now available for Tampa restaurants interested in expanding their market reach and offering flexible digital services. The app allows seamless online menu browsing, ordering, and contactless payment – a convenient solution that is fully in line with the latest safety recommendations.

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The announcement comes amid growing interest in online food ordering and delivery, with the current pandemic generating increased awareness of the importance of contactless customer-restaurant interaction for minimizing infection spread.

Recent surveys estimate that the number of people ordering food from restaurants online will reach 821 million in 2021, with 2020 seeing a 20% increase in online ordering compared to 2019. This increased interest offers a valuable opportunity for restaurants, fast food operators and other companies in the industry to expand their reach while protecting the health and safety of their customers.

Check Please has been designed to provide restaurants in Florida and throughout the US with an effective way to promote their brands directly to potential customers in their target areas.

The newly launched digital platform features a streamlined design enabling visitors to search for restaurants nearby. The location-based search allows restaurants to become visible to their target audience after a single digital search.

Customers will be able to access the restaurant’s digital menu, order food online and complete the payment from the comfort of their home. This eliminates the need for third-party payment processing, increases convenience and makes the ordering process simple and intuitive.

Restaurants featured on the platform will also benefit from an important boost to their overall marketing efficiency, the website helping them expand their market reach and improve their ROI.

With the latest announcement, Check Please is committed to helping restaurants and other businesses in the food industry with an accessible way to market their products and adapt their services to the latest WHO and CDC recommendations.

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