Check out Ruckify – a Peer-To-Peer Rental Marketplace For Virtually Anything

Ruckify has launched a new commercial property lending service to connect Calgary businesses to more customers. They facilitate the lending of equipment to a peer-to-peer network across a wide range of fields.

Ruckify, a rent-anything marketplace of peer-to-peer lending and the world’s largest rental marketplace, has launched a new service for commercial clients. Businesses are encouraged to get in touch to create a bespoke equipment rental solution for local customers.

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The leading peer-to-peer rental program has positioned itself as a market leader in a similar way to AirBnB. The company differentiates itself in that it offers users the chance to rent any equipment they could need in any scenario.

Ruckify is an easy-to-use marketplace that provides access to books, technological gear, barbecues, drills, camping equipment and a variety of other options.

Users just have to search for the items they would like to rent, and they can be paired with lenders based on their location. This helps clients to find what they’re looking for in three simple steps.

Clients find the items and spaces they want to rent, select the date and times they want it, and pick up their selected item or have it delivered based on preferences.

Ruckify is the world’s largest online peer-to-peer rental marketplace. It empowers its members to embrace the sharing economy and leave unnecessary purchases behind, reducing the impact on the planet.

As part of a company expansion throughout Calgary, Ruckify is looking to connect with local businesses who want to generate income from their equipment. Stores that provide summer activity equipment, like kayaking, biking, camping and hiking will find this solution especially beneficial.

Ruckify can help commercial clients to meet the demands of their business by connecting them to a wider audience of customers. By renting out their equipment out of season, Calgary clients can generate additional income streams.

In a campaign to help clients during the current pandemic, Ruckify have waived all fees. This means that 100% of the money will go directly to the item lender.

Ruckify is also committed to helping the community in this difficult time. They are working to ensure the safety of both renting and lending parties. They have also partnered with United Way to provide laptops and other devices to people in need.

Ruckify also has a referral program, and the team encourages interested parties to sign up. Details are available at:

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