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Encrypted phones are secure mobiles protecting personal information by encrypting phone calls, text messages & encrypting chat at high level. ChatMailecc provide superior devices for privacy.

If genuinely private messaging that is safe from hacks and attacks is required, then encrypting messages isn’t enough. So Whatsapp encryption and other encrypted operating systems cannot always protect personal information. A higher-level encrypted device is needed to go to the next level. ChatMailecc a UK-based company providing encrypted phones, shielding the device, the app, and the connection, which is all before a passcode has been entered. With advanced multi-layered encryption, ChatMailecc is at the forefront of untraceable messaging and phone calls.

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What is a PGP phone? First of all, let’s understand what does PGP means? It stands for Pretty Good Privacy encryption. This means that any messages and phone calls made from this device will be secret until the private keys are used. PGP is a cryptographic system that lets people communicate confidentially online. It has end to end encryption. When a message is sent via a PGP encrypted mobile phone, the message is transformed into unreadable text on the encrypted phone before it crosses the internet. Only the receiver has the keys to turn the text back into readable communication on their encrypted phone. This does not mean that PGP is not vulnerable. PGP was originally designed for emails and was adapted for phones. Unfortunately, messages can still be traced and viewed. Messages were able to be hacked and viewed before it was encrypted.

ChatMailecc uses both PGP and ECC. ChatMailecc was the first company to offer a multi-layer integrated end to end encryption program that uses the exclusive ChatMail Advanced Messaging and Parsing Protocol (CAMP). Using this exclusive system to execute a more fluid, seamless communication platform shielded by both PGP and Elliptical Curve Cryptography.

What is Elliptic Curve Cryptography? ECC cryptography is a key-based procedure for encrypting information. Elliptical curve cryptography centres on both public keys and private keys for decryption and encryption of web traffic, messaging, and phone calls.

So, using both PGP and ECC offers a high calibre of security for encrypted devices, which is how Chatmailecc operates.

When communicating with other ChatMailecc devices, access is given to functions at a high-security level like group chat, voice messaging, picture messaging, and standard chat. However, ChatMailecc phones can also interact with conventional PGP encrypted smartphones using standard PGP software. The encrypted phone defaults to the most secure type of encryption. Contacts are colour-coded to show if the contact is internal (also utilising the CAMP protocol) or external (using other PGP software). Internal users will have added features against hackers, including encrypted voice, pictures, and self-destructing messages.

If the private keys get into a hacker’s hands on a standard encrypted device, private data and protection are in jeopardy. With ChatMailecc encryption, there is full control over private keys. The keys are created by the user and never leave the ChatMailecc encrypted phone. This will give peace of mind that information and data are secure.

ChatMailecc uses PGP to verify the sender’s identity and checks that the message was not read or modified by an attacker after it has been sent.

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