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A new video has been launched by 115 Investments LLC focusing on the power of content marketing. It highlights the importance of publishing through the Big 3 markets of Yahoo Finance, Reuters, and Nasdaq.

A new marketing video has been launched by 115 Investments LLC focusing on the power of content marketing and how it can help businesses grow and get more leads. Through gaining “Big 3” distribution on sites like Yahoo Finance, Reuters, and Nasdaq, businesses in any niche can improve their web presence and get more sales of products or services.

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The video explains that publishing through these platforms is simply a better, more effective and easier way to get recognition that counts. It also helps to generate a positive ROI, which is important in any marketing campaign.

Through watching the video on the URL above, businesses can discover how to increase leads, get more visitors, and boost sales without doing any of the work.

The principles discussed have helped clients in a wide range of fields to get exceptional results for their business. For example, a kitchen fabricator was able to get 5-figure projects within a few months of starting.

Designing an effective marketing strategy is highly important in today’s competitive climate. This is because there is more competition out there than ever before, and it’s harder for businesses to stand out from the pack.

Content marketing is a highly effective way of establishing a brand or company as a leader in its field. It helps to drive conversion through high authority article placement and links, and builds brand awareness.

Using content marketing, businesses can build trust with their audience, and enhance their customer relationships. This helps to encourage repeat business and turn customers into champions for the brand.

Another key benefit of publishing through the Big 3 is that it gives the business high authority backlinks, improving web ranking and leading to more organic traffic through Google.

Interested parties can find out more on the URL above, where they can sign up using the contact form provided.

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