Chaska MN Content Marketing Reuters Yahoo Finance Distribution Service Launched

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A new marketing video has been launched by 115 Investments LLC. It highlights how the team can get more leads and sales for clients through tailored content marketing programs.

A new digital marketing video has been launched by 115 Investments LLC focusing on how the agency can help clients to grow their business quickly. The team offers a unique approach to marketing focusing on lead generation and content marketing, getting businesses more sales and better Google rankings.

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The video highlights that many business owners ask “how much can I grow” and “what’s the catch” when faced with new marketing options. However, with the right approach, these concerns can be easily allayed.

115 Investments focuses on the power of content marketing and is able to distribute engaging content through the Big 3 distribution sites. This includes popular destinations like Yahoo Finance, Reuters, and Nasdaq.

By placing content on these platforms, business owners get two primary benefits. Firstly, because their content gets picked up by Google News, they are likely to see a huge Google rankings boost immediately.

This can provide a spike in traffic as interested parties click through onto their business website. Secondly, because of the nature of backlinks, the high authority links provided as part of this campaign has a long-lasting organic Google ranking benefit.

Business owners will see their rankings improve over time and they will be able to attract more leads on an ongoing basis, improving their web presence dramatically.

Working with a digital marketing expert is important because the latest data shows that most consumers search online before committing to making a purchase. This is even true for local products and services.

Therefore getting found online when these searches are taking place is of utmost importance. With 115 Investments LLC, companies in any niche can grow their web presence and establish themselves online.

Anyone looking to grow their business and bring in more leads on autopilot is encouraged to watch the video provided above.

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