Charter Flights to Cuba Are Still Happening

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You can book an entire plane charter to Havana, Cuba with Noble Air Charter that operates in the United States.

As a leading provider of charter flights to Cuba, Noble Air Charter is expertly acquainted with travel restrictions and requirements necessary for the safe and legal transportation of passengers via charter to Cuba.

They’ll help you visit this island nation in style, comfort and luxury by choosing to fly in our private charter plane. They have assisted travelers reach Cuba safely and reliably on charter flights to Cuba.

They have available planes that travel from Miami to Cuba.

What is the process?

It starts with providing the application necessary to fly into Cuba via private charter. They will need to have all passenger information for flights from the application. Once the application(s) have been approved you are ready to schedule the day/time needed.Typically it’s a 3 day application period from the moment that ALL the passenger information and completed application s submitted.

Can you visit if you are an American citizen and want to go for tourism? The likely answer will be no, unless you have been approved by the State Department. The U.S. has classified travel to Cuba under its guidelines. Please visit the state department’s website for application information and classification needs.

If you want to go for tourism, that will be a NO due to the travel ban in effect. If you hold a Cuban residency or Cuban passport, you are very likely to be accepted with no problems. All other applications and acceptance are handled by the U.S. State Department and Cuban Officials.

Noble Air Charter has Miami to Havana planes available. They currently fly to Cuba in the Cessna 402 – Dual Turbo-Charged Propeller Planes. These planes are preferred because:

• More cost-effective especially for shorter distances

• Immediate power up, plus more gradual landings

• Can easily hold larger groups

• Easier access to shorter runways and remote locations

Contact Noble Air Charter for more details and visit their Cuba travel page.

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