Charlwood Nursery Yoga Childrens Lessons Fun Program Launched

A new program for French, yoga, music and sports has been launched by Bear and Bunny Nursery. The nursery is ideal for anybody wanting to enrol their child in or around the Charlwood area, Surrey.

A new program has been launched by Bear and Bunny Nursery for French, yoga, musical hands and sports focus. Bear and Bunny Nursery offers these additional lessons alongside other lessons at the nursery in order to keep children engaged whilst learning. The nursery is ideal for anybody looking to enrol their child in or near Charlwood, Surrey.

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Bear and Bunny Nursery is a family owned nursery on the outskirts of the village Charlwood in Surrey, UK. The nursery is an old Victorian house set in a large amount of gardens and woodlands, which helps to keep children happy and enthusiastic with the peaceful surroundings. Visitors will find that the nursery offers various wooden toys and a free-flow environment where all child developmental areas are well structured and planned.

In addition to this, the aim of Bear and Bunny nursery is to provide the highest possible childcare; ensuring children are safe and happy at all times, whilst having fun and learning.

The free-flow environment means children have the chance to choose what they would like to do, without being confined to a set room. For instance, if children want to do arts and crafts, there are facilities for this. Furthermore; there are plenty of outdoor activities where children can take their fun and learning outside.

In addition to more conventional lessons, Bear and Bunny Nursery also offers different programs for lessons. For example, the musical hands and sports focus lessons. These additional lessons last around 30 minutes and consist of different sports each week, as well as music lessons, sign language, dancing and more activities.

Visitors to the site will also see that Bear and Bunny Nursery offers French lessons as well as yoga lessons. The French lessons became part of the program when research showed that exposure to different languages as a young child, even if the child does not learn the language, makes it easier to learn languages at an older age. Moreover, the yoga lessons help children use their imagination, and learn yoga poses at the same time.

Those wishing to find out more about Bear and Bunny can visit their website on the link provided above.

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