Charlotte Shaping & Contouring Technology VIP Demonstration Facility Launched

Crio Web, a Charlotte-based wellness group, announced twenty 30-minute VIP CrioShape (855 855 6495) demonstration appointments showcasing the use and profitability of this innovative technology to practice owners.

Charlotte, North Carolina-based Crio Web, a body shaping technology specialist, has launched a VIP demonstration of their latest device, CrioShape, a custom contouring treatment that shapes the body. The VIP demonstration for spas and clinics occurs from April 2nd through to the 14th in the greater Charlotte area. This gives these organizations the opportunity to touch, feel and experience this non-invasive and effective European technology for themselves.

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Recently announced, the CrioShape VIP demonstration opportunity, comprised of twenty 30-minute appointments showcasing the use and profitability of this innovative technology, which are filling fast. Bookings are essential to ensure a spot, so practice owners need to book sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

CrioShape custom contouring uses apoptosis to target trouble zones on the body. This process is non-invasive and does not affect the skin. Spot reduction of these unwanted fat cells eliminates unsightly bumps and bulges permanently, providing the person treated eats healthily and exercises regularly.

When asked about their use of the CrioShape equipment, one med spa owner said: “I am thrilled to be offering CrioShape in my MedSpa. My clients have been so happy with the results, and once they are done treating one area, they move to another. I don’t even need to advertise because my current clients are bringing me so many referrals from their quick results…I am more than satisfied with the company, the machine and the results. I highly recommend you invest in a machine for your spa too. You won’t regret it!”

Servicing Charlotte and surrounding areas, Crio Web is a health and fitness group looking to improve the wellness of others. Offering fast results with effective technology, Crio Web aims to deliver the latest in innovative treatments, so spas and clinics prosper.

To find out more about the CrioShape VIP demonstrations for spas and clinics, please phone 855 855 6495 or visit the link above.

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