Charlotte Plumber Dave Parker Launches Redesigned Website

Dave Parker, owner of E.R. Plumbing Services of Charlotte, announces launch of newly redesigned plumbing website.

E.R. Plumbing Services has been serving the Charlotte metro area since 1997, but the new plumbing website provides resources and advice that have not been readily available to the business and homeowners who need it most. This unbiased site provides straight forward information intended to help business and homeowners cut through the hype to determine which plumbing repairs and tasks they can do themselves, and which situations require a professional plumber.

“Most plumbing companies just put the basic information on their sites, “says Parker. “But I truly believe in educating the consumer. I know a lot of homeowners like to do projects themselves, and I support that. I realize budgets are tight, and times can be tough. That’s why I redesigned the site such that homeowners can find instructions on how to tackle plumbing projects on their own for just about every possible situation.”

The new site presents this information in several ways: through videos, how-to articles, step-by-step instructional blog posts, images and info graphics and is responsive to adapt to viewing from a pc, laptop, tablet or mobile device. The site still also supports the popular question and answer forum, ASK DAVE, in which homeowners can ask plumbing questions and get advice from Master Plumber and owner of E.R. Plumbing, Dave Parker.

“We haven’t covered every possible project yet, but that’s our end goal,” Parker says. “To accomplish this goal, I’ve equipped every one of my technicians with video equipment so the guys can videotape as they work. These videos are uploaded to Vimeo, and then the best of those videos are uploaded to our YouTube channel and/or the website and posted on Google+ and Facebook so people can see how projects are done, safely and properly.”

“Sometimes the guys videotape some pretty hilarious stuff,” Parker added. “Which we hope people will find entertaining. After all, home improvement projects can be frustrating, and we hope to make people smile. Enjoy the project a little more whenever possible.”

The site also warns homeowners about projects that are best performed by a professional, or advises homeowners when to call it quits and call in an expert. “Safety is our primary concern,” Parker says.

Those interested can learn more by visiting the redesigned site at

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