Bottom Line Realty & Management Increases Online Reviews With Help From GiveAway Force

Bottom Line Realty & Management proudly announced that they have been successful in improving and adding positive online reviews with the GiveawayForce service that has helped them to easily accomplish this.

GiveawayForce is a beneficial service being used by local business in the world of digital media marketing to effectively and substantially improve positive reviews online. With their free trial startup, it is quickly sweeping the country.

“We were looking for a way to improve our online presence and increase our Google reviews when I stumbled upon a company called GiveawayForce… When we started, we had about 15 reviews or just under that and we currently have 97. It’s just been over a month or so I think it’s really working and we are getting the reviews…” Says Kevin Stringari, Owner and President of Bottom Line Realty & Management.

Bottom Line Realty is a known name in the real estate market in Charlotte, NC and has served the community and property owners for many years.

In addition to Bottom Line Realty, GiveawayForce has helped other businesses around the globe to improve their online reputation. The software enables the company to customize each program specifically to the business being served and is showing remarkable results delivering quantifiable results almost immediately!

Additionally, GiveawayForce is offering a 30 day Free Trial to check out their service.

For more information about Bottom Line Realty or the GiveawayFoce 30 day trial, check out the video below:

For more information about Bottom Line Realty, call or contact Kevin Stringari by phone at 704-379-7492 or visit their website at:

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Check out the video

Summary: Any company wanting to get more Google Reviews faster can contact GiveawayForce direct. Kevin Stringari added, “they helped us and we believe they can help any company wanting to improve their online review ratings.”

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