Charlotte NC Roofing Storm Damage Restoration Inspection Services Launched

Charlotte North Carolina-based roofing company Blue Fox Roofing & Renovations just launched an updated website demonstrating their services in the assessment and maintenance of roofing materials.

Charlotte North Carolina-based residential roofing company Blue Fox Roofing & Renovations has launched their revamped website detailing their range of roofing repair, replacement, inspection and assessment services. The family-owned company services Mecklenburg, Union, Gaston, York and Lancaster counties, and is currently offering free storm damage inspections in the midst of the severe weather season.

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Collected data from the North Carolina Climate Office indicates that the state averages only 2.01 years between direct landfalling storms, creating a constant need for local homeowners to undergo regular maintenance and inspection of their roofs. Outside of severe weather, normal conditions and elements result in the natural aging of roofs, with volatile temperature changes placing materials at further risk of damage and leakage.

Blue Fox’s newly updated website allows visitors to make the necessary arrangements for storm damage assessment and restoration.

Industry statistics show that roofing replacements make up over 90% of the market in volume and value. Roofs are perpetually aging and the need to refit and repair them is prevalent. “As homeowners, we think of our roofs like we think of our tires. We only think of them when something goes wrong. And we only replace them when we absolutely must,” explains a Blue Fox spokesperson, emphasizing the need for regular attention. “Periodic roof maintenance and service can extend our roof’s useable life – affordably.”

Blue Fox aims to assuage the concerns of homeowners by working year round to accommodate client roofing needs. The launch of their up-to-date website boosts the online presence of their team of home professionals, who offer services and advice on roof fitting, siding, painting, installation of gutter guards and related practicalities.

The updated website also features guidance on signs that roofs may need replacing, for example by offering information on potentially faulty shingles as well as the negative effects of algae and moss on roof surfaces.

To get more detailed information on the full range of services offered by Blue Fox Roofing & Renovations, to access their comprehensive glossary on roofing terms, or to request a free Complete Roof Estimate or Storm Damage Assessment, visit their website at the above url.

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