Charlotte NC Roof Repair Leaking Flashing Hail Damage Insurance Services Launch

Blue Fox Roofing has launched roof repair services for Charlotte, North Carolina, and all of Mecklenburg County. Call 704-992-7750 for a quote and complimentary consultation.

Blue Fox Roofing has launched roof repair services in Charlotte, North Carolina. As the weather turns cooler the company is scheduling roof repairs throughout Mecklenburg County.

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The launch of roof repairs for the homes and businesses of Charlotte was prompted after the company received numerous calls for estimates in this area in Mecklenburg County. The company is offering complimentary virtual and live consultations with quotes that include a recommended course of action. They are asking the home and business owners of Charlotte to contact them today whether hail has knocked holes through a roof or if an owner just notices a couple of missing shingles.

The company emphasizes that the time to get roof repairs on their Charlotte properties is now before winter sets in and it’s impossible for a crew to do the necessary work. The fall is the best time to get roof repairs done in Charlotte because the weather is accommodating and it’s important to get the roof repaired before the winds and storms of winter have an opportunity to create more damage.

Roof leaks negatively impact the sense of safety and well-being owners have worked hard to cultivate in their home or business and the company’s motto is that “There is simply no such thing as a small roof leak.” Blue Fox puts a stop to roof leaks. Leaky roofs can be stopped in one of two ways. Owners of properties in Charlotte can choose to replace a roof or repair it. If a roof is less than 12 years old and was originally roofed with a properly installed high-quality shingle, the roof can usually be repaired.

Decades of industry experience have helped Blue Fox appreciate the importance of never replacing a roof prematurely. They have developed an extensive checklist of items to be examined before a hasty decision to replace a roof takes place.

The checklist that a team member covers include seals around skylights, flashing, chimneys, vents, gutters, downspouts, soft spots, clogs, connections, basement structure, roofing material, wind damage, algae, and more.

As Blue Fox launches its roof repair service it hopes it brings a sense of safety and security to all property owners in the Charlotte, North Carolina area and all of Mecklenburg County.

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