Charlotte NC Managed IT Experts – Cloud-Based ERP Integrated Solutions Launched

IT-HenHouse (890 393-3400), a Charlotte, NC IT consulting firm, launches integrated solutions to help companies grow, operate smoothly, and meet goals using the most current technology.

IT-HenHouse, a veteran and minority-owned IT consulting firm from Charlotte, NC, has launched integrated solutions to help businesses create an agile, optimized IT environment.

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These services have been launched to help companies operate as effectively and efficiently as possible to foster growth and attain goals. Efficient IT operations eliminate roadblocks and downtime, resulting in greater employee, owner, and customer satisfaction.

Businesses often fail due to redundant and poorly designed processes, outdated IT equipment, poor data security, and systems that are not communicating. These weaknesses create frustration for all involved.

IT-HenHouse offers cloud-based ERP answers, Professional Services, and managed IT, along with hardware upgrades to create a modern IT infrastructure. These combined services allow all areas of the company to operate with maximum efficiency and break through department silos.

The overall goal is to get the entire firm connected, keep data safe and easily accessible, integrate all systems, and use the most current and tested software and hardware possible.

Professional Services looks at the process side of the business. IT-Henhouse will work with any size organization to make sure all processes and IT operations work together and are adequately networked.

Managed IT services encompass data security, help desk functions, hardware upgrades and maintenance, and staying up to date with cloud ERP capabilities and trends.

IT-HenHouse wants to help every aspect of a business work together with as little friction between the moving parts as possible. These experts have experience working with companies of all sizes in many different industries.

These industries include healthcare, logistics and transportation, alternative energy, hospitality, government, and manufacturing. All business improvements depend on people, and IT-Henhouse provides hands-on training before and after any launch.

Last fall, It-HenHouse partnered with Zoho to add its integrated CRM and customer service systems to the suite of offerings available to sales organizations. Zoho’s CRM is a fully customizable end-to-end solution for growing businesses.

The IT-HenHouse team is led by Kenneth Fields, President, with over 25 years of experience, who is focused on customer satisfaction through smart solutions. A.C. Fields, VP Business Development & Strategic Planning, wants to help businesses create seamless effective organizations including all departments and locations.

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