Charlotte NC IT Consultants NetSuite Business Software Partnership Launched

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Charlotte, NC IT consulting firm IT-HenHouse has partnered with NetSuite, the top ERP software for midsize businesses, to provide clients with an all-in-one solution to their management needs.

IT-HenHouse, an IT consulting firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina, has announced the launch of their partnership with NetSuite, the top cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for midsize businesses.

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With the new partnership, IT-HenHouse aims to provide clients with an all-in-one solution to their business management needs. The integration of NetSuite in businesses has been proven to streamline operations and improve efficiency while eliminating manual tasks.

As a NetSuite partner, IT-HenHouse can assist clients in fully incorporating the software into their system. The firm provides a full range of services, from implementation and customization of NetSuite functions to support in using the software long after the initial integration. IT-HenHouse aims to ensure clients enjoy the maximum benefits of NetSuite throughout the lifespan of their business.

As an ERP software, NetSuite provides a widely encompassing range of solutions for businesses, including financial management, order management, supply chain management, production management, and warehouse and fulfillment.

The software is considered an ideal alternative to QuickBooks, offering greater visibility to real-time financial updates and providing more reporting options.

It also has a comprehensive CRM function that gives management a detailed picture of customer behavior and identifies opportunities for customer upsells, cross-sell, and renewal, as well as individual customer service needs.

Other business solutions offered by NetSuite include human resources management, omnichannel commerce management, company-wide performance analysis, and more. Details can be found at

NetSuite is an ideal management tool for CEOs, CFOs, comptrollers, and CIOs. Through the software’s full range of solutions, top-level management is provided clear visibility of the company’s operations down to the most basic levels.

According to a spokesperson for IT-HenHouse, the firm is promoting NetSuite because the software enhances executives’ ability to take control of their business and make sound decisions. More information about this can be found at

NetSuite is also a highly scalable system that allows easy addition and customization of functions to support any business in all stages of growth. This makes the software ideal for small businesses, who can tailor the functions according to the real-time needs of their business and scale up as their operations expand.

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