Charlotte NC Homemade Pastries Sandwiches Cakes & Treats Site Launched

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A new site for Sunflour Baking Company has been launched, offering handmade food. The company offers various options, and is ideal for anyone that loves handmade sandwiches, pastries, soup, toasted sandwiches and desserts.

A new site has been launched offering fresh, handmade tasty delicacies including handmade sandwiches, pastries, soup, toasted sandwiches, desserts and beverages such as coffee, tea and other drinks. Sunflour Baking Company offers a huge range of food and drinks as well as offering gluten free and vegan options, making it perfect for anyone that enjoys made-from-scratch tasty food, whatever the dietary requirements.

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Sunflour Baking Company is a baking company that is dedicated to offering delicious handmade food at affordable prices. The company makes everything on the menu from scratch, in small batches to ensure that the food is as fresh as possible and as tasty as possible.

Customers will find that Sunflour Baking Company also supports local vendors wherever possible and creates all of the food on site from basic raw materials, using no premade mixes and shortcuts.

Customers will discover that Sunflour Baking Company has been serving the Charlotte area since 2009, and has been serving Dilworth since 2016, Harrisburg and Ballantyne since 2017. The Parrish family took over the bakery in 2014 and has been involved in creating the top quality foods with a passion for excellent service and contributing to the local community.

All the teams across the bakeries share the core values of serving top quality handmade food with top quality customer service to ensure guests have the best time possible.

In addition to this, customers will see that the bakery is open every single day, from 7am to 7pm, and closes at 4pm on Sundays. Sunflour Baking Company also ships cupcakes nationwide, as well as offering various vegan and gluten free options such as vegan cookies, vegan muffins, vegan bread and other vegan treats. Gluten free options often include cheesecakes, chocolate soufflé and coconut macaroons.

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