Charlotte NC Financial Coaching Course For Single Moms Over 30 Announced

Just Financial Foundations (585-957-5915), an education company, announces a virtual small group coaching course for single moms in Charlotte NC.

With the goal of providing educational and emotional support, the company’s updated services are recommended for struggling parents who want to take control of their finances. Now they can collaborate with a financial expert to create a safe and secure future for their family.

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The recently released course for single moms provides them with a range of high-quality financial literacy training options to help them gain financial independence. It will also contribute to reduced stress and anxiety as they learn how to manage their finances successfully.

The 8-week course is divided into two parts of four weeks, each followed by a check-in review session. Topics covered include getting into the right mindset for financial success, developing smart investment strategies, optimal home buying, and many others.

Students also obtain access to a vault of excel templates to assist them in their journey to financial freedom. These include emergency fund and credit card analysis as well as home purchase and budgeting templates.

They will also learn how to save up to 4 figures a month, significantly reduce and eliminate their credit card debt and save thousands of dollars by developing a daily 1 to 3-minute tracking habit using an automated template.

Additional course membership perks are lifetime access to coaching courses presented by financial experts three times a year and JFF’s private inner circle Facebook community group where students can ask questions and learn from financial experts and each other.

The latest announcement is in line with the company’s commitment to providing high-quality financial coaching services to those who are interested in taking control of their finances.

Megan Johnson, a happy student, said “Justin’s program has completely changed my life. Before I started working with him, I was intimidated and afraid of my financial situation. I felt like I had let my finances go to a point of no return, which generated constant stress that comes with feeling (and being) financially unstable.”

“He has not only taught me how to manage my spending, but how to aggressively pay down debt and plan for my future. I now have the freedom to enjoy my life and feel confident that I can afford it. Since meeting Justin only a few months ago, I am almost completely out of unnecessary debt!” she added.

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