Charlotte NC Air Conditioner Maintenance Inspection And Cleaning Services Launch

Heating & Air Charlotte NC, a firm based in Charlotte, NC, announced the launch of its regular air conditioning maintenance service, which includes their thorough 10-point inspection.

Charlotte, North Carolina-based Heating & Air Charlotte NC announced the launch of its regular air conditioning maintenance service. The offering was launched to help homeowners keep their AC system in good working order during the heat of summer.

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As North Carolina enters the height of summer, temperatures are expected to hit peaks of up to 32.2°C. Hence, many households will rely on air conditioners to keep their families comfortable. However, Heating & Air Charlotte NC notes that the last thing locals want is a broken AC unit during this hottest of seasons.

The company launched its regular maintenance service as a preventive measure against this scenario. It proves especially vital as AC units are expected to run longer and more frequently during the summer season. Moreover, regular inspection of air conditioners ensures that minor issues are spotted and addressed early before they become costly problems.

The AC maintenance service consists of a 10-point checkup, that includes inspecting the entire system, changing filters, removing debris, checking the condensate drain, and checking the thermostat, among others. This thorough process guarantees that no issue will remain undiscovered and unrepaired.

The contractor says that regular maintenance will also help make AC units more energy efficient, which in turn helps lower clients’ electric bills.

All inspections are carried out by professional and fully accredited engineers. They are equipped with the right tools and training to carry out the maintenance in a thorough but timely manner. Proper social distancing and health protocols will also be observed during each maintenance call.

A representative of Heating & Air Charlotte NC says: “Air conditioners have a habit of giving out in the least opportune times. And with summer in full swing, a properly working AC is essential. Luckily, a little maintenance today will spare people a lot of money in repairs later on.”

Heating & Air Charlotte NC is a leading contractor that offers full HVAC and plumbing services to the residents of Mecklenburg County.

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