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Performance Unlimited in Charlotte, NC, reveals a new personal training model to accelerate fitness results. The gym has a range of packages and services ideally suited to members from ages 25-60.

Performance Unlimited, a Charlotte, NC based gym, has announced it can help its members get great results with a unique personal training model. Performance Unlimited and Performance Fitness specializes in helping people from 25-60 hit their fitness goals.

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The gym specializes in helping those who have tried to create a workout routine in the past, and those who have tried personal trainers but aren’t getting great results.

Performance Unlimited has a flagship personal training model that is built on coaching people to build the skills they need to continue to take advantage of the life they have worked hard to achieve.

This means that, whether the gym member is an avid tennis player, runner, elite athlete, or weekend golfer, they can find what they need at Performance Unlimited. The gym is ideal for those looking to increase their fitness, decrease their injuries, improve their performance, lose weight, or simply feel their best.

Performance Unlimited is a local Charlotte gym that has a range of programs and services to help members in every aspect of their fitness mission. It includes options ranging from sports massage and sports medicine to nutrition and strength training programs.

One of the most popular health programs on offer at the gym is their sports therapy sessions. Here, the mission is to increase movement effectiveness through the use of orthopedic manual therapies and help with pain relief and functionality.

Interested parties can get in touch to discuss their health and fitness goals, and the team at Performance Unlimited can match them with the right program to suit their needs.

The gym states: “At Performance Unlimited we are honored to work side by side with some of Charlotte’s leading physical therapists and sports performance professionals. As part of this unique collaborative model Dr. Graham is able to support every aspect of your Sporting Journey.”

Those wishing to find out more can visit their website on the link provided above.

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