Charleston WV Curb Strike Auto Repair – Diagnostic Inspection Services Launched

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Link Automotive (304-915-2886) in Charleston, WV, provides updated diagnostic answers, including a complete digital inspection. Experts suggest that small curb-related accidents may cause hidden damage.

Drivers striking a curb can cause a number of complications for their vehicles, from simple cosmetic problems to more serious issues that could make driving a car unsafe. The repair shop provides a fully updated range of services to detect problems and execute repairs for all makes and models.

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There are signs that drivers can watch for to help detect damage before it gets worse, but it is often beneficial to have a qualified mechanic check for unseen damage. The new announcement helps drivers get their vehicles checked as soon as possible.

If a driver hears their vehicle making a noise that it was not making before they hit a curb, it could be caused by any number of problems. Vehicles sometimes pull to one side after striking a curb, and this is a sign that they have wheel alignment or tire issues. Link Auto has a full range of services to fix any damage – visit

Another common problem seen after hitting a curb is transmission issues. These are a little harder to detect sometimes, and are often described as a vehicle having trouble changing gears, making odd sounds, or even “feeling different.” Drivers who notice their vehicle is bouncing more than usual may have damaged the suspension of their car.

While some minor accidents with curbs result in little or no damage, any drivers who are concerned about their vehicle should have it checked by a mechanic as soon as possible after the accident. They will be able to diagnose any problems, and often the repairs can be performed quickly at the same time.

Small complications that can arise from curb strikes can often turn into larger problems if they’re left unattended. One example of this is minor cosmetic damage, such as a bent fender, rubbing on a tire. This can quickly cause irreversible damage to the tire as well as the fender and sometimes blow the tire entirely.

Larger problems that can arise from minor curb strikes may be harder to detect but can have more serious complications. If a driver feels that their vehicle is handling differently at all, they’re encouraged to get it fully checked out. Minor collisions have been known to cause issues with important systems, such as a vehicle’s brakes or transmission, that can compromise the safety of the vehicle.

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