Charleston, WV Auto Shop Tells How to Judge If Hitting a Curb Damaged Your Car

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Charleston, WV auto shop, Link Automotive, offers tips on judging if hitting a curb damaged your car. The problems could just be cosmetic, but there could be serious issues.

Link Automotive, an auto shop based in Charleston, WV offers a wide selection of different services ranging from oil changes, to tire repairs, to tune-ups. They specialize in care for most cars, trucks, and SUVs. Today’s article will be focused on their tips for how to tell if hitting a curb has actually damaged a car.

After hitting a curb, a person can easily see if their hubcap is scraped up, dented, or otherwise damaged, but knowing if there is actual damage to the car can be harder to determine. Here is how you know if hitting a curb has caused anything that would require work done.

The good news is that there a very good chance that the problems are purely cosmetic, which means that something as simple as replacing the scraped hubcap, or bending it back in place if the hubcap is metal, could be all there is to it. However, there is also a possibility that there could be more damage than just how it looks, including some more serious damage as well.

This resulting damage could include things like wheel alignment issues, problems with suspension, damage to rods, or transmission issues in FWD cars. If one of these issues occurs from the curb scraping incident, it is important that it gets taken care of fairly quickly. Watch for things like a vehicle pulling to one side, an unusual amount of bouncing, or a rattling-type sound. If someone feels like there might be something off while driving their car or they just feel like you need to get it checked out to feel safe, they can do that at Link Automotive.

Anyone can visit Link Automotive’s website at to use their easy online scheduling platform or they can call 304-915-AUTO to make an appointment at the auto shop. They also take walk-ins at their location at 312 21st Street W, Charleston, WV 25387.

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