Charleston, WV Auto Shop, Link Automotive, Defines Its Values as a Business

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Charleston, WV auto shop, Link Automotive, defines their values as a business. Some of the words used when describing the values they go by are “creative”, “friendly”, and “trustworthy”.

Link Automotive, an auto shop based in Charleston, WV offers a wide selection of different services ranging from oil changes, to tire repairs, to tune-ups. They specialize in care for most cars, trucks, and SUVs. Today’s article will be focused on how they define their values and execute them as a business.

Link Automotive has a set of feelings and attributes that they run their business by. This set list defines everything they do in their business, so that they stay in line with their company values and are able to evoke the right connotation with their brand. This also ensures that employees get to know their business well and are able to connect with the important foundation of their business.

The values Link Automotive chose were picked through visualizing an experience where their customers have the best outcome possible. What do they want their customers to feel when they hear about their brand? How do they want to portray themselves through the process of an interaction with a customer?

Some of the words used when describing the values Link Automotive goes by are “creative”, “friendly”, and “trustworthy”. These words are portrayed throughout their business and consumer experience. Some places you can see these values within their business are through unique digital vehicle inspection technology that stands out in the auto industry, cheerful lobby displays to make customers feel at ease while they wait for their vehicle, and an online transparency system that shows customers exactly what is happening with their vehicle, and lets them choose what they would like done before the mechanic starts on their car. They are always working to portray their values in everyday situations and provide the best experience possible.

To find out more information or to schedule a service, customers can visit Link Automotive’s website at to use their easy online scheduling platform or they can call 304-915-AUTO to make an appointment at the auto shop. They also take walk-ins at their location at 312 21st Street W, Charleston, WV 25387.

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