Charleston WV Auto Care Repair Shop Digital Vehicle Inspection Service Launched

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Charleston, West Virginia auto shop, Link Automotive, has recently launched a digital inspection service at the independently owned and operated facility. The vehicle maintenance and repair services that the business offers include diagnostics, inspections, oil change, brake repair, maintenance, tire repair, fleet service, and tune-ups.

Link Automotive, a Charleston, West Virginia auto repair shop, has recently launched a digital vehicle inspection service. The new technology allows mechanics to send customers what work is recommended on their vehicle, and the customer can then accept or decline certain jobs via text or email.

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The recently launched service allows the customer to be in complete control of their vehicle. Link Automotive says they believe in creating complete transparency between the mechanic and customer, and they have put this special technology in place to provide the best care possible.

The shop, with over 35 years of experience, continues to offer their full range of services, including diagnostics, inspections, oil change, brake repair, maintenance, tire repair, fleet service, tune-ups, and more.

As an independently owned and operated facility, Link Automotive says it provides unbeatable local care for families and businesses in the Charleston, WV community, including Rideshare drivers. It also promises that employees won’t suggest unnecessary services or repairs that could compromise vehicle performance or value.

Link Automotive professionals have the knowledge, awareness, and skills to provide comprehensive care for Rideshare drivers. They understand that when a person’s vehicle is the source of their income, it is important to take care of it the right way. Link Automotive says that they will do their job right so that Rideshare drivers can do theirs.

The shop is available for all types of unexpected auto issues, including the oil light going on, tire pressure monitoring warnings, engine or transmission noises and anything else. Whatever the problem may be, Link Automotive’s professionals offers professional solutions to ensure they are solved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Link Automotive is part of the Link Ecosystem of apps and services which are all locally owned and operated in West Virginia. The Link app is a ride hailing app customers can use to get around. The Link Local app shows consumers exclusive deals, local events, shops, restaurants, bars, and more in the area—including deals at Link Automotive.

Interested parties can schedule an appointment ahead of time online by visiting the website above, or by phone at 304-915-AUTO. The shop also accepts drop-ins at its 312 21st Street W location in Charleston, WV.

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