Charleston SEO Expert Announces New Service For Converting More Marketing Leads

Further Design Group, a leading Charleston, SC based SEO specialist, has announced it can help clients to hit page one on Google and convert more potential customers. It provides tailored marketing for local and national clients wanting more leads and sales.

A leading Charleston SEO company, Further Design Group, has announced it can help businesses to get more website traffic through search engine optimization and also help that traffic convert into real customers. The first step described in this process is an effective SEO strategy that targets the right search phrases in order to drive the right kind of traffic to a website.

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An article on their website discusses the findings of a recent study disclosing that even on sites with great offers and excellent landing page designs, close to 96% of traffic that visited these sites left before taking action. While many SEO companies only focus on driving traffic, Further Design Group seeks to set itself apart in the industry by providing measurable, tangible results and by focusing on traffic as well as conversions. They do this by combining retargeting services with SEO, allowing the opportunity to follow up with all the traffic that leaves a website without contacting the company on their first visit.

The site explains the reason that retargeting ads are so effective relies on the fact that people have already declared their interest in what a particular company has to offer by visiting the website. They simply need a reminder about why they chose to visit the site in the first place. The company states that the reason why their retargeting ads bring a lot of traffic back to a website relates to the design of the ads, studying the analytics to find which ads are performing better, and fine-tuning the campaign.

This is where working with an expert like Further Design Group can help through its in-depth understanding of the industry. Each marketing strategy is designed to help clients show up on the first page of Google and then remain on the minds of their potential customers, which is hugely important in today’s market. Creative content is how a company differentiates themselves from their competitors so Further Design Group offers graphic design services, branding, illustration, web development, and video marketing to help their clients stand out from the crowd.

A recent customer said: “Further Design Group in Charleston has done exceptional work for my website! After doing SEO and optimizing my small business website, I have gotten so many more phone calls and much more business through online traffic and contacts. They answered so many of my questions about SEO and social media and helped me realize the changes I needed to make to the site and helped me make them.”

Full details of the services available can be found on the URL above. Interested parties can get in touch using the contact details provided on site.

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