Charleston SC Mice Rats & Rodent Control Damage Repair Services Launched

Columbia, South Carolina animal control service company All Things Wild updated its range of rodent control services for clients in Charleston, South Carolina. The pest control experts are properly trained and have extensive experience in taking care of various types of pests in the area.

All Things Wild, a Columbia, South Carolina based animal control service company, announced the launch of an updated range of rodent control services for clients in Charleston, South Carolina metropolitan area. The company provides solutions for all of the major pest related issues, including rats, mice, raccoons, possum, and many more.

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Mice and rats, although tiny, can transmit diseases and also get into one’s food and leave unsanitary droppings around the house. The team at All Things Wild just launched complete rodent control services to help Charleston residents effectively stop mice and rats in their tracks and keep them out of their home.

Rodent populations of mice and rats can grow out of control quickly. Within as little as two months, two mice can become two hundred, so promptly addressing rodents in one’s home or business is advised.

As each home or business is unique, the team at All Things Wild take the time to customize their rodent program to fit each property’s unique needs.

They will start with a comprehensive inspection of the facility and identify signs of rodent activity, potential entry points and attractants. Then, they seal any holes or gaps that could allow rodents to get inside the building.

In addition, the professional team of rat and mice removal experts give clients detailed sanitation guidelines and recommendations to help eliminate attractants and maintain a clean, sanitary environment.

Finally, All Things Wild can monitor each client’s property on a regular basis and inspect all treatment products to ensure the effectiveness of the rodent control program and adjust as needed.

All Things Wild uses only Integrated Pest Management control techniques in resolving human and animal conflicts. This means that the expert team is dedicated to the prevention, monitoring, and control of wildlife to eliminate or drastically reduce the use of pesticides, and to minimize the toxicity of and exposure to any products which are used in the process.

A satisfied client said: “Bobby and crew came out to check out our crawl space. As I suspected they found evidence of mice; and, to my surprise, possum. They will proceed to trap and then they are going to seal up the crawl space so that this doesn’t happen again. They were prompt, polite and professional when they arrived. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.”

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