Charleston SC Marriage Counseling Couples Therapy Expert Services Launched

Lifeworks has launched marriage counseling and couples therapy in Charleston, SC. offering guidance with science based techniques and tools to reconnect and repair relationships.

Lifeworks Coaching based in Charleston, South Carolina, has launched marriage counseling and couples therapy services that offer private, effective support to people experiencing difficulty within relationships. Dr Brian Sullivan has 19 years experience and is available to support couples to reconnect.

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Marriages and relationships need care on a regular basis to grow and thrive. A high level of relationship skill is needed to maintain a solid relationship and many people can benefit greatly with guidance from a trainer that can impart an understanding of the science behind these skills

The science of relationships has been studied in detail. Counseling is not based on a therapist’s own views or opinions but on studies of thousands of couples and families that demonstrate simple things that do and don’t work.

Relationships are often neglected for a very long time which can impact the people around them, especially children. If a Marriage is in trouble, it is best to get help straight away.

Dr Brian Sullivan uses techniques and tools based on research by Dr. John Gottman. Gottmann is a medical physician and a professor of psychology at UCLA. He is also the principle investigator of a 2010 study aimed at discovering if marriage counseling actually works and if so, under what circumstances it works well.

In this quote Gottmann explains the dynamics of the couple and counselor, “Marriages seem to act like atomic structures. There are strong interior forces that pull the two parties (particles) together, but when these attracting forces dissipate, the result is an angry, violent explosion because the forces that repel are almost as strong as the original forces that brought the couple together. The analogy can be taken even further; often the threat of mutually assured destruction is the only calming influence.”

Facing the reality of a relationship breakdown can be difficult, still the rewards of moving on from damaging patterns are great and gaining skills that will serve for years to come make fears worth facing. Counseling can offer considerable relief.

Dr. Brian Sullivan is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 25 years of experience. He holds a PsyD Doctorate in Clinical Psychology as well as a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). He received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Clemson University and is currently an adjunct professor of psychology at College of Charleston.

Lifeworks Coaching offers private, effective marriage counseling at a reasonable cost to the couple. To contact Lifeworks call on 843-971-5171 or visit the website above.

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