Charleston Chiropractor Back Pain Relief & Holistic Injury Treatments Expanded

Elite Performance And Pain Center (843 873-6004) has expanded its personalized treatment program throughout Charleston, South Carolina. Dr. Jeremiah Jimerson helps patients to find the root cause of their pain and offers a holistic solution.

With the new service expansion, the Charleston pain relief specialist provides advanced chiropractic techniques to eliminate pain and improve performance. Patients receive personalized, 1-to-1 treatments with the goal of restoring healthy movement and overcoming chronic pain issues.

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Following the latest move, the complete service range includes pain resolution treatments, light therapy, and lifestyle services. Integrative therapy sessions are available for a multi-faceted approach that can address a variety of injuries and conditions.

These include muscle imbalances, back and neck pain, arthritis, tendinitis, and rotator cuff injuries. Chiropractic adjustments are also suitable for combating the pain associated with bulging discs, tennis elbow, and sciatica.

The treatment begins with a consultation where patients can discuss their pain or injury in more detail and receive a personalized plan to address their primary concerns. Active release techniques help to reduce inflammation and manage pain. Treatments also include selective functional movement assessment, meridian therapy, PNF stretching, corrective breathing, and more.

Industry research shows that over 70 million adults in the US have issues with chronic pain. Doctors explain that lower back pain is the second most frequent reason for patients to visit them in person. Chiropractic treatments can provide a holistic solution and leverage the body’s own healing system through specific manipulations and adjustments.

Elite Performance And Pain Center can help patients to reduce their dependence on pain relief medication and form a complementary treatment to their existing healthcare. It can also be an effective alternative to invasive pain-relief options, with multiple studies finding that spinal manipulation can provide effective pain relief. In addition to holistic pain treatment, the clinic also offers solutions designed to improve posture and optimize athletic performance.

A spokesperson for the clinic states: “Dr. J is versed in a multitude of advanced techniques to eliminate pain, improve performance, and restore healthy movement. Our biggest goal and passion is to resolve your pain and restore your quality of life in as few visits as possible. Our integrative therapy sessions are like nothing that you have ever experienced.”

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